KJ Bird

How they are formed?

Volcanoes are formed when the titanic plates which are huge chunks of rock in the ground move apart from each other. This realeses energy that gets the lava out. There are different kinds of eruptions one is explosive. In an explosive usually the lava does not go far and slithers through the ground. It also has lots of ash that can kill crops.

Where They Are?

Volcanoes can be found on fault lines all over the world. A few places are Alaska, Hawaii, and the oceans. In Hawaii there is a big one called the Kilauea which almost always erupts.

What they do?

Volcanoes can be very dangerous but not always. The explosive eruption can be very dangerous because it has lava that can destroy buildings. It also has ash which can destroy crops .It also makes good soil though so there is a positive to it.

How to reduce the impact on humans?

This may seem dangerous but most people have a plan so it isn't. The plan should be to have a emergancy kit and escape rout. The safety kit should Include water,food,first aid kit,battery's ,battery powered radio,flashlight and smoke mask. The escape routes should be made by the authorities.
What is a Volcano? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids