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Week of May 9, 2016

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Big Thanks!

Our PTA parents really spoiled us last week. Let's make sure they know just how much we appreciated all of their gifts to us, from food, to a microwave, to words of thanks. Wow! The Central staff is so fortunate to have such wonderful families supporting us. Our last PTA meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 16th. I will be sure to share our appreciation there as well.

The Week Ahead


9:00-10:30 High Ability Screening in Woods

12:30-2:00 High Ability Screening in Jordan


1st Grade Planning Day

4th Grade Ag Day

9:00-10:30 High Ability Screening in Hefner

1:20-2:50 High Ability Screening in Grantsaris


Collaboration: RtI Data in Skyward

5th Grade Camp Tecumseh

1:20-2:50 High Ability Screening in Wallace


5th Grade Camp Tecumseh


No School

High Ability Screening Make-Up

If you have any students who miss taking the screening test, please make sure you enter their name in the High Ability Testing Schedule spreadsheet (under the make-up tab). We will need to have kids take this by Friday. Thanks!

Final Evaluation Meetings

If you have not had your final evaluation meeting yet, I will email a time to meet Monday, Tuesday, or before school on Wednesday. I will be at Camp Tecumseh Wednesday and Thursday and won't get to see you then. We should only need 10 minutes or so. Thank you!

Thought for the Week: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Check out this link for 50 ideas for every grade:

Hang in there! You can do this!!

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