Crime and Delinquency

Here are some stories shared among group members about how we have faced Crime and Delinquency in our lives. Hope you enjoy our poster.

My Experience: Winnie Lee

I grew up in a super sheltered community in the comfortable suburbs outside Portland. Crime was something I would hear about in the news; something that I thought would never affect me. School shootings, one of the biggest crime debate that has taken the American politics by storm, have been on the rise. There has been 142 school shootings since Sandy Hook in late 2012. It took me 18 years to feel first-hand the pain that came with such a tragedy.

I remember June 5, 2014. Like any college freshman, I was preparing for finals but it was also Senior Banquet for the club that I was a part of. The day proceeded normally: school, planning the banquet, dressing up. It wasn't until early evening when I heard that there was a shooting at SPU. My friend who told me about it said there was one confirmed death, and asked if I knew anybody who went there. I had 4 friends attending SPU, but it never crossed my mind that one of them would be the victim. I was worried for the safety of my friends and I knew I should ask how they were holding up, but I wasn't devastated with news of the shooting. It wasn't until the next day when I found out who passed away. I was casually scrolling through Facebook when a friend messaged me. I turned to my late friend's Facebook to see hundreds of friends posting their condolences and memories. The emotions began taking over, sadness and anger. My roommates didn't know what to do. Strangely though, five days later was the Reynolds high school shooting where my then-roommate went to high school. She was stuck in the same place I was. Both our lives were shaken up, unable to comprehend how our seemingly perfect, sheltered lives changed.

There are a lot of crime that impacts us immensely the moment it happens. We tend to forget about it within a week. There's a mass surge of social media presence over this event and then it dies down because it loses relevance. For me, there is a constant struggle and reminder of what was lost

Crime: Talia Trapalis

Looking at the text for this week I found applying the reading to my real life experiences to be helpful in the understanding of the chapter.

Growing up my parents owed a convenient store in Roseburg. Everyday I had to watch my parents deal with people steeling something. Crazy to think this was a every day experience. One day I had gotten off the school bus in front of the convenient store something I did everyday. When I was dropped off I started noticing there were police in front of the building. I rushed into the store to see a bunch of police officers questioning employees and my parents. I go to my mom to ask what had happen with tears in her eyes she couldn't finish her sentence. I went and asked my dad he tells me that they had be robbed at gun point. Yes the convenient store was in a bad area, but I couldn't image something like this happening, lucky no one was hurt. This ultimately lead to my parents selling and moving forward and away from this part of my hometown. I remember walking away from the situation to young to understand anything but with the lingering question of why. Why would someone do this? They ended up finding the person who committed the crime and he was put into jail with multiple theft charges.