henry Ford

Ford motor company, inventor of the moving assembly

born july 30th, 1863. died april 7th, 1947

Henry ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company in 1903 Detroit, Michigan and the first to build cars using the Assembly line to make cars cheaper and easier to produce. This boosted the economy because of the cheap prices that the "everyday man" could purchase. Henry first started as a young engineer at the Edison Illuminating company. The first type of vehicle he invented was a small horseless carriage called the "quadricycle" that he built in his very own kitchen which he then had to knock down a wall just get it out because he didn't quite think about how he would get it out. Just five years after the start of Ford Motor company he released the Model T. Henry was born in a small farm town right outside of detroit. Ford also messed in the airplane industry during WW1 like other motor companies. Ford is estimated to be worth 64.51 billion dollars in todays market.