The Howler

Newsletter Of The Wolf Gang Advisory - Volume 1, Issue 3

Community Service

Our students did a great job giving back to the community on Sept. 30th. Groups went to multiple locations within Shelby Co.: Tyson's Chance, Shelby Parks and Recreation, The Masonic Home, and Storm Haven Youth Ranch. Shout out to Ms. Long for providing the planning and organization for the day. This experience is very meaningful, builds character, and improves our community/relationships. At Big Picture Learning relationships matter. Wolf Gang members can add this experience to their resumes and their fondest high school memories.
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Exhibition Schedule

Our first round of exhibitions are scheduled for Oct. 4th-Oct. 7th at Shelby Co. Big Picture Learning Academy. This is an opportunity for our students to share their learning, celebrate successes/who they are, and receive feedback from their adult support network. That network includes you! If possible, please schedule to attend the timeslot of your Wolf Gang member.

  • Tuesday

Kayleigh Sanders 9:30-10:00

  • Wednesday

Alyssa Roberts 10:45-11:15

Ray Ray Stoudemire 11:15-11:45

Thomas Elder 11:45-12:15

Zephy Gray 12:15-12:45

Luke McKinney 3:30-4:00

  • Thursday

Faythe Shearin 9:30-10:00

Justin McCrary 11:15-11:45

  • Friday

Arielle Davis 9:00-9:30

Ty Clarkson 10:00-10:30

Carlina Searcy 10:30-11:00

Lauren Long 1:30-2:00

If you do not see your Wolf Gang member, please advise them to see Mr. Cottle to schedule their time ASAP.

Pot Luck Anyone?

I remeber going to my grandmother's house every Sunday while growing up. The entire family would converge on the old farm and we would sit around the dinner table telling stories and sharing a great meal prepared by the hands of some amazing women. My grandmother made the most amazing biscuits! Everyone loved them. Those Sunday are some of my best memories.

I have offered the Wolf Gang the idea of having a Pot Luck lunch on a Friday in the near future. I would love for the students to be able to bring a traditional family meal to share with their classmates, or just share in comraderie with each other. Might do it on Oct. 14th, if nothing conflicts with this date. Our Friday schedule would allow for students to attend lunch (law requires they are offered) and then report to Advisory for the meal from 11:30-12:15. This would be a great opportunity for team building. Every parent is invited. I will send out information as the date approaches to verify that we will be having it on the 14th.

End of the 1st Quarter

The end of the 1st 9 weeks is quickly approaching. The official conclusion is Oct. 7th. You can expect the traditional grading report card of your Wolf Gang member soon after this date. Be sure to be in contact with your Wolf Gang member and ask them if they are meeting expectations and deadlines. Feel free to contact their teachers, including me, at any time. We want all our students to be successful, and we want every student to be accountable to standard mastery.

Big Picture Learning Picture Day

Monday, Oct. 31st, 8:30pm

1361 Frankfort Road

Shelbyville, KY

Students will want to dress to impress for the 1st ever Pictue Day of Shelby Co. Big Picture Learning. Be sure to smile for the yearbook!