Thirteen Reasons Why

Summer Reading


"Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher is a book about the thirteen reasons why a girl named Hannah Baker killed herself. She had written tapes before she had died to tell the people who made that happen see that it was their fault. The story is told by Clay Jensen's point of view who liked Hannah, so he had no clue why he was on the tapes. I would recommend you read this book.

What I Learned

I have learned that your actions can affect somebody's life more they can think. It has also taught me not to believe everything you hear about someone. There are people who show signs that they needed help so make sure you do not standby and wait for something to happen to them.


Hannah Baker- She was alone and no one tried to help her so she did the only thing she thought was left SUICIDE. She tried to give hints but pushed everyone away to see if they would come back. She thought that she had no other options because she thought she tried everything.

Clay Jenson- Was scared to be seen with her because of the rumors he heard (but were not true) about her and thought it would ruin his reputation of being a nice guy. He always liked her and had no idea why he was on the tapes. He tried to help her once but didn't succeed so he stopped trying to get close to her.

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