Helping kids with cancer one beard at a time

Pediatric Cancer is NOT Uncommon...

Want to help raise pediatric cancer awareness, and raise money to help kids who are battling cancer today? Join us for Septem-Beard!

What is Septem-Beard, you ask? It is a month long campaign to raise awareness by growing a beard!
Our goal is simple: 1) get everyone we know share info about pediatric cancer, sharing info on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 2) Raise $1500 to donate to Galisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, NY, and Journey 4 a Cure, a non-profit pediatric cancer foundation.


Everyone Can Help!

If you are interested in other ways you can help:

We have ribbons for sale for $1 donation

There are a few fundraisers going on this month where the profits will go back to the SeptemBEARD Movement:

Origami owl, Thirty One, Scentsy, and All in the kitchen

For more information please visit