By Sadie Bennett


This SMORE is an introduction to Belarus, a country in Europe bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Here you can expect to learn about Belarus' culture, economy, government, landscape, and so much more! Belarus is a beautiful country and I hope you have fun reading about it!

Weather and Travel


In Belarus weather can vary so much! Normally the low they experience is 13ºF and can sometimes go down to -5ºF. Usually the highest temperatures they experience are around 85ºF. The weather there is very nice and it's ideal for walking around and exploring the cities.
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Travel in Belarus seems like such an adventure! The land there is beautiful and there are also many cities to visit! In Belarus you can visit places like Minsk, Gomel, Homyel, and Vitebsk. These cities have amazing architecture and beautiful buildings. The cities have wonderful restaurants and shops that are perfect for tourists! Belarus is located in Europe and how to get there from Dallas would be by plane and it would take 13hrs and 20mins to get to the capital of Belarus, Minsk and the price to get there is $1,368.

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Type of Government

The type of government in Belarus is a Superpresidential Republic. They have a President, Alexander Lukashenko, and a Prime Minister, Andrei Kobyakov. In Belarus, they have a head of state who is elected, then in serves in the office for five years. The people there that make the laws are called the Council of Ministers which also manages the main body of state.


Currency and Other Economic Facts

The currency in Belarus is called the ruble. The rubles worth is to that of 0.000067 a US dollar. In Belarus, the GDP Per Capita (information recorded in 2013) $16,100.

Belarus exports many things to neighboring countries, such as foodstuffs, machinery, equipment, metals, textiles, and mineral products. Things imported to Belarus include, but are not limited to, metals, machinery, chemicals, mineral products, and foodstuffs.

Compared to the United States, Belarus isn't really a wealthy country. The United States has over $30,000 GDP Per Capita more than Belarus.

Social and Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Groups in Belarus

In Belarus, there are many different ethnic groups. These groups are divided by what country these people are from. According to surveys taken in 2009 the ethnic groups are as listed below. 83.7% of the people are Belarusian, 8.3% are Russian, 3.1% Polish, 1.7% Ukrainian, other 2.4%, and unspecified ethnicities are 0.9%.


About 54,218 children, ages 5-14, in Belarus are used for child labor. Though this might seem like a large number of kids, this is only 5% of the childrens population, making this and incredibly small amount of kids.

In Belarus children must go to school up until the age of 16. Out of all the children in Belarus 99.8% can read and write, while 0.2% cannot.

Religion, Language, Country Flag


In Belarus, the religion is not that split up. 80% of the population is Eastern Orthodox and other (Roman Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant) is 20%