What it is:

A hallucinogen, sedative hypnotic, dissociative anesthetic. Formerly used as surgical anesthetic, no current logically reason for medical use in humans. Used as a veterinary anesthetic or tranquilizer. recreationally people use it as a hallucinogen or psychedelic.

How it is used:

Smoked, injected, snorted, eye drops, oral ingestion, transdermal absorption. light dose is 3-5 mg, common dose 5-10mg, strong dose is considered more than 10mg. lighter doses are usually smoked while heavier doses usually orally ingested. the liquid can be sprinkled on marijuana or tobacco. cigarettes or joints can be dipped in the PCP solution making the PCP dose vary widely. Because difficulty of the synthesis, the street preparations have high concentrations of PCP and byproducts. PCC, the precursor, is actually more toxic than PCP by 20% because it releases cyanide. PCP is often mixed with other drugs such as crack cocaine (“beam me up”), cocaine hydrochloride (“lovelies”), and marijuana (“crystal supergrass”, “donk”, “killer joints”,”sherms”, “wacky weed”,”wicky stick”)


Psychological: Dose dependent, euphoria, calmness, strength and invulnerability, lethargy, disorientation, loss of coordination, distinct change in body awareness, impaired concentration, illusions and hallucinations, agitation, violence, memory loss,

Physiological: Rise in blood pressure and heart, flushing, profuse sweating, generalized numbness in body, profuse sweating, blurred vision, speech difficulties, ataxia, muscular incoordination, staring gaze and rigid muscles.

short terms effects: addiction and drug tolerance, no physical dependency, speech difficulties

long term effects: memory loss, depression, weight loss

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Slang terms

amp, angel dust, dips, dust, elephant, fry, hog, super kools, TicTac, tranq, wet, ozone, peace pill, rocket fuel

Signs of abuse

immobility amnesia numbness blank stare stuttering inability think/ speak clearly suicidal thoughts


psychological dependence, craving and drug seeking behavior. no physical dependence in humans.