Labor Unions

By: Autumn& Xavier

A brief explanation of labor unions

A Brief History Of Unions

How labor unions affected everyone involved

Since the people working for the companies had bad working conditions.They decided to rally together and fight for their rights.It helped the workers by giving them better working conditions,but it severely hindered the company owners and/or people that profited from the company by making them have to pay workers more and let go of child labors which brought down their work force.
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How labor unions started

The knights of labor were the first American labor organizations.They originally started in ohio ,but spread nationwide to help get fair pay and conditions.The most important leader was Terence V. Powderly.

Student analysis on movement

The movement improved the workforce for the better.Giving other around us a better home.By doing this has helped every single one of our families.In our opinion,the movement was the best thing to every man,woman,and child in America.

1938 Fair Labor Standards Acts

established first minimum wage and 40-hour week Congress of industrial Organization forms as an independent federation.