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What is going on around here? 3/15-4/1

WOW how time has flown!

Seems like it was just the winter holidays, and now here it is almost Spring- with Spring Break and Easter just around the corner.

These past few months have been filled with lots of trial and error, mix and match, up and down, and everything in between. But one thing was constant...change.

Never in my life have I had to learn to be more patient, flexible, adaptable and creative with my health, time and resources.

It has been good for me to learn to go with the flow a little more.

I appreciate all of you for hanging in there with me while I go through this learning curve.

I'd like to say that it won't always be this way, but I would be lying.

I have a feeling that as we age- life only gets trickier and time only gets faster. It's simply our job to bend, readjust, improvise, buckle up, hold on tight and make sure that the people around you are able to laugh with you...and take pictures.

Life...what a ride!


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The latest and greatest

Birthdays coming up:

Shea Bailey: 3/16

Instructor Hinson: 3/24

Dawn VanEerden: 3/27

Ali Haskell: 3/28

Save the Date

3/18 March Birthday Lunch Celebration

Come and celebrate those who were born in this beautiful time of year

12:30 PM

See flyer for details


Looking for something to keep your kids busy with over Spring Break? This is it!!!

Sign up today! and PLEASE spread the word.

See flyer for details.

3/26- BUNNY HOP 5K

Come and hop on down the lane with us.

See flyer for details.


We will be showcasing the new Spring Schedule which includes new classes, new times, new instructors and more. It will be 8 weeks of FUN.

Invite ALL of your friends to come and check out SHINE. Feel free to post, forward and send the attached flyer with the details.

March Birthday Lunch

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Otherwise Important Info

There are wayyyy too many things going on to get it all in one newsletter, so here are just some important highlights...

These classes will be put on hold until further notice:

Mommy and Me


Lunch Crowd


We look forward to bringing all of these back in the near future.

We will soon be operating mainly off of the MIND/BODY APP.

This will allow us to do so many wonderful things we haven't been able to thus far. So...prepare yourself for awesomeness. Feel free to Download the APP as we will be launching with them very soon.

Monthly Fees are due:

At the beginning of each month- Please be sure to go on line and pay for your unlimited class pass OR a punch card. You can also pay for Kid Care online as well. Thank you!


SHINE FORWARD- "We Rise by Lifting Others"

Be sure to check out the website under SHINE FORWARD to find out service opportunities in and around our community that you and your family can participate in.

March 26th- 9 AM

5K Bunny Hop

Hop on over for a "Egg"salant time!

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SHINE PRACTICE- "Mind.Body.Spirit"

This branch of SHINE has been temporarily put on hold until we can get our feet underneath us.

How ironic is that?

This is probably the branch we need to most.

Namaste y'all.

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SHINE BRIGHT- "Knowledge Empowers"

This is one branch of SHINE that we are still trying to figure out the logistics on. Hang in there with us.

We have a remarkable speaker coming in to visit with us on her experiences with VERY difficult trials and how she has come through them and has learned from them. She is willing to share that knowledge and insight with us.

Check out the flier below to find out more about her. Hope to see you there!

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To put it bluntly... SHINE 365 is an underutilized diamond.

Lexy and Carman have put together an amazing program designed to help people understand this journey

They come prepared every week with discussion topics that are timely, poignant and necessary.

The whole SHINE 365 program is designed and created around the idea of "Moderation"- something which Andrea (our in house Registered Dietician) says she went to school for many years and paid lots of money to be able to teach.

We are NOT a quick fix weight loss program. We are not about extreme diets or fitness regimes. We are not about comparing, competition or guilt.

We ARE about support, information, education, tools, ideas and health.


If you have a few pounds you are wanting to shed, or many pounds you want to get rid of...

If you need ideas for menu planning, preparation or alternatives...

If you need accountability, support and/or others who are on the same journey...

If you are looking for that diamond of health...

You will find it at SHINE 365.

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What a great winter season we have had at Shine Fitness.

Seems to me that the new instructors have been welcomed with open arms and their classes are going strong. I couldn't be more excited about that.

Starting in April- we will be adding 2 more instructors to SHINE: Summer and Ja'Nette. I will announce them and their classes as they get added to the schedule.

The SPRING class schedule will be out by the end of this week. Be on the look out for that, but in the mean time- you can let your friends know about the SPRING PREVIEW week where they can come and try out all the classes for FREE. (See flyer below)

Spring is the season to grow, push through and rise up...these classes will get you doing just that.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in class.

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Pick up Ball for boys starts soon.

This 6 week session will be focusing on weight training, running and yoga. I will help them work on core strength, learn proper technique behind weight lifting as well as get them out hitting the pavement.

They DO NOT have to be natural born runners to be able to do this class. It is designed to help all levels learn, grow and move.

Notice the change of schedule for this class.

This class is SO FUN...for me AND the boys. Bring em on!

Pick Up Ball Boys
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Warrior Girls

The same is true for Warrior Girls...the next season starts soon.

Sign your daughter(s) up today for some yoga, weightlifting and running.

This class will get them ready for spring sports as well as just being active in general.

We use the class time to work on becoming strong...physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Warrior Training is a life class that EVERY young lady should take part in.

The world needs girls who are prepared, strong and healthy.

Let me help in that direction.

warrior girls
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Spring Break is just around the corner... what are you gonna do with your kids?

Send them to me! I'll handle it from there.


This week of classes is specifically set aside to help raise funds for the FREE Kids Fitness classes we do throughout the school year.

Choose your time, your days and your themes and we will do the rest.

Come and support us! and TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS TOO!

kids fitness
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