by Diane Tullson


There's 3 main characters in zero one of them being kas who comes to witchurch for the school of arts she has red hair and has a voice in her head telling her self she's not good enough and likes drinking diet pepsi. The second main character is marin a up coming actor that needs to lose weight for her part is friends with kas and they run together and also has a really nice mom. and final the last main character Jacob who came to witchurch to learn musical arts in his part time he works at the vet and is also a friend of kas has brown hair and makes kas happy.


This story takes place in a small town called "witchurch" a cold snowy place but filled with warm hearted people.

Discribe the book

I find this book to be a exciting and a romantic classic but with a twist kas is determined to leave her mark on the world. Beautiful and talented, she has finally been accepted into a prestigious high school for arts.


kas loves to run. with every step,she makes perfect,clean footprints in the snow. and kas is also determined to leave her mark on the world. beautiful and talented, she has finally been accepted into a prestigious high school for the arts. she also goes there to make friends and fulfil her potential as an artist. but this isnt a fairy tale story and not a fairy tale ending, kas has a voice telling her telling her she's not good enough and if she cant ignore it her career may be over as a artist.
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- Guy feiri

I think this book shows that everyone in there life time goes down hill and you never know when, but it also shows that even when they went down hill they can always pull themselves up, in this case kas went down hill but she picked her self up. This book reminds me about how I was riding my bike and feel I scraped my knee but I got up and got back on my bike and kept going.
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The theme in this book is romantic,adventure,horror. To me its sort of like a dont do drugs commercial because kas is have a blast when she gets there then she meets people and makes all theses friends but all the friends does drugs and the more kas hangs out with the people who do drugs and she wants to fit in, and the only way is doing drugs. but in the story that dosent happen its just a metaphor.