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Advice Column

Dear Carylon Cox,

Theres this is kid who has getting bullied all the time and I thought you would be the person to ask. Okay ever since he got to my school ;three weeks ago. Since he came from home school he thought everything was going to be easy going, but it wasn't. People started to make fun of him, of how he dressed and how he talked. Please Carolyn Can you please help me find a solution to this madness!

Dear Kid who has a heart (Vince),

Okay so the next time he is getting bullied. Stand up for him and tell the other person to stop. If they have "trouble not doing so just tell a teacher. Most of all be a good friend to him and make him feel like he belongs and don't ever be like those kids who are teasing him!

Sincerely, Carolyn Cox

Brain Jack!

Do you love technology or just computer books or movies. If you do you'll love the movie Brain Jack By: Brian Falkner! Its where a 17 yr. old boy named Sam is an amazing hacker. He hacks into the Telecomerica online store and gets a "free" neuro head set. Does he get caught. Does he get away. Wait and see what happens when you see Brain Jack. Coming out on June 17, 2027!
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Woman Gets Pregnaut By Neuro Head Set!

On Tuesday Nov. 25, 2015, a new device called The Neuro Head Set comes out and buyers from everywhere have to get it. But a very strange thing happened to this woman! On opening night of Neuro Head Set Carly Newman was first in line to get it. The second she got the head set she went straight home and nobody heard from for the next few weeks. Later that month her family member saw that her belly was adnormaly big. At first she thought she was just fat, but she asked her and told her that the Neuro Head Set and her are expecting a baby.
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