The Real Hero

Hero or Zero

The Real Hero

In both the Book of Job and the Odyssey both Job and Odysseus are perceived as the hero of their stories, but who is the real hero? Job and Odysseus are presented with challenges throughout their stories, both have different types of challenges they they must go through. They are willing to do whatever it takes to stick to their goal and also try to help other in the long run.


Job demonstrates all of the qualities that a hero should have in each situation. He is a loyal God fearing, evil shunning, and upright man. Job has numerous things thrown at him in order to test his faith. Even when he is presented with difficult processes he still remains strong in his faith in the Lord. He is loyal to God and becomes rewarded in the end, with all of the things that he ever lost restored in full.

How can a man be right before God?


Job the Hero

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