The Legend

By John Bradley Kinard

Chapter 1

One day there was a little boy named Camden Watson who grew up with his family in Sumter, South Carolina. The little boy had short brown hair. His mother had long brown hair and his father had short black hair. He grew up wishing to play football. He played flag and two hand touch. When he was old enough he played tackle. He played linebacker, quarterback, and running back. He liked running back the best. Since he was so good with running the coach let him return the kick and the punt. After sixth grade he went to middle school to play football. Right before his first game he...

Chapter 2

Broke his wrist and had to be out for the rest of the season. He had to watch his team from the sideline. At the end of the season his team ended up 5-9. The next season he had to try to be the best because he had to heal his arm. He started out at 3rd string. Three games into the season he was 1st string. He already had 346 yards. In the 4th game his team got the ball first and he was returning the kickoff. He returned the ball and broke 3 tackles. He ran it back to the end zone. He got 3 more touchdowns. At the end of the game he was piled on by his team and coach because he was player of the game. His mom Alicia Watson and his dad Mark Watson came running on the field to pile on top of him too. Once every body got off of him he went into the locker room to shower. After that his parents drove him home . After he got home he ate deer cube steak.

Chapter 3

Whenever he woke up he went to church and after that he went to his grandma's. She had a big meal ready when they got their. After they left he watched TV for the rest of the day. The next morning he woke up and went to school. After school he went to football practice. He had a test that day on different things in Algebra. He made a 98 on it. He was worried what he was going to make on it because the coach says if you get an 85 on it or lower you can't play in the game. After practice he ate dinner. The next day he did the same thing except it was raining so instead of practicing he lifted weights. That night he ate Chicken Alfredo.

Chapter 4

Two years later he was still playing football and was really good. It was 8 weeks into the season and they were playing the best team in the state. They were expected to lose 70-21. At the end of the 1st quarter it was 35-14. Camden's team was losing. Camden had only 60 yards and one touchdown. In the middle of the 2nd quarter Camden's team was on the 5 yard line. It was second down.

Chapter 5

By now the score was 35-28. He tried to run up the middle and gained 2 yards but got tackled. The next play he got 1 yard. It was fourth down now. Will they go for it or kick a field goal? They decide to go for it. They try to run a run to the right and then they throw it to Camden on the other side of the field and Camden scores.

Chapter 6

It is 35-35. There is 1:36 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Camden's team decides to kick an onside kick. Camden's team recovers the ball. The ball is on the 50 yard line. They get down to the 20. They are in field goal range. There is 15 seconds left on the clock. It is 3rd down. They run it up the middle for 5 yards and then call a timeout with 3 seconds left. When they came back on the field they try to kick a field goal. They snap the ball. The kicker kicks it. It hits off of the post. Then it hits the lower bar and bounces back. The field goal is made. Camden and his team win 35-38. They had just beat the best team in the state.