World Wildlife Fund

Saving Wildlife All Over the World!

Save The Gorrilas!

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) lastest project is to save the gorillas from extinction all over the world. Gorillas are some of the most powerful animals, not only for their intimidating size and powerful strength, but also for their human-like manner. They play an important role in most forest, going through places and, for example, spreading the seeds of the fruit they eat!

How can we help out?

Saving the environment is very important in life.  Right now, quite a few problems are happening around the world, but even the slightest decision can change something.  You can help by: Saving paper will save trees, saving electricity because we are going to run out of oil, even pick up litter people have dropped on the ground!  There are even more ways of saving our earth!  It may look simple, but it makes a great difference to our earth.

4 interesting facts

Did you know that the WWF is one of the largest conservation companies in the WORLD! The WWF tries to save lots of things, not just the wildlife.  They save the enviroment  and even encourage us to save electricity.  Prince Bernhard was one of the founders for WWF.  WWF was found on 29 of April, 1961 in a small Swiss town.