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Genesis Castro

My Map

My favorite places to go is Universal Studios, Wet, n, wild, and to the mall. I love to go on the rides and I also love to go to different kinds of stores and shop.


Orlando has very hot temperature's. In winter it tends to get very cold but not enough that is would start snowing.Orlando also doesn't have earthquakes or tsunamis.But we do have hurricanes and tornadoes.

Natural Disasters

Natural disaster are very common in Orlando. Like for example in 2004 a hurricane named Charley came through Orlando 120 miles per hour destroying lots of homes, streets, schools, and schools.That is why it is safer to keep disaster kits to always be prepared.


Orlando's history was very surprising. Did you know that between 1910 and 1920 was the greatest population of Orlando and the town of Orlando was recognized as one of the worlds most popular vacation city.Orlando is one of the most cities that has the most attractions to go to.


There are lots of very important residents in Orlando. Like Glenda Hood, Buddy Dyer, Teresa Jacobs, and John Hitt.Glenda is a U.S. politician, who was secretary of State of Florida ,from 2003 to 2005 and was the first woman to serve as mayor of Orlando. John Hitt was president of University of central Florida.He was the fourth to serve and has been serving since 1992.


Orlando has many different types of animals.Small animals, furry animals, cute animals, even dangerous animals . Snakes and alligators are extremely common in Orlando especially because it is everywhere around Orlando. Many snakes are poisonous and can even cause death. Alligators are experts at camouflaging when people are around.


Overall Reflection



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