Taiga Biome *Boreal Forest*



The Taiga Biome is cold. This biome is for most part dominated by cold Article winds. Because of earth's tilt, the taiga is turned away from the sun in the winter. Less of the sun's radiation reaches the ground to warm it up.

Highest and lowest temperatures.

Winter's LOWEST temperature in taiga is -65°F.
Winter's HIGHEST temperature is 30° F.
Summer's LOWEST temperature is 30° F.
Summer's HIGHEST temperature is 70° F.

Native species


The taiga, or boreal forest, is a cold, snowy biome that ranges across the northern parts of North America and Eurasia, south of the tundra and north of grasslands and deciduous forests.The Taiga is the largest biome and the second coldest biome in the world covering 11% of the earth’s surface.

Longitude and latitude

The latitude and longitude of Taiga is 50 degrees north latitude to the Arctic Circle (approximately 50 degrees to 60 degrees north latitude)