How to train a cat

Michael Cushman

You will learn to Understand your cat, and his needs.

We have been cat owners for a long time. We just "ADORE" cats, BUT, throughout the years some disturbing issues would keep reappearing. We were so discouraged, we thought these "cat problems" would never resolve themselves. I can honestly say we were at our wits end! What could we do! Well, before we get into that let me give you a little bit of personal history

Throughout the years we've had a total of 7 cats, all of whom we rescued from shelters.

Our first batch of cats, consisted of a Himalayan (perfectly gorgeous), two beautiful tabbies (one black and one orange) and right now we have 4 Maine-Coon cats.

Two very, very large boys, and I mean large, (they don't call them "GENTLE GIANTS" for nothing!) we also have two female (mixed) maine-coon's that are the "prissiest little girls" we've ever met. (is "prissiest" a word?!)

To say the least there is a lot of testosterone and hormones floating around our house! Oh, don't worry, all the cats have been spayed and neutered or else we'd really have some issues to deal with!!!!!! Now that you know a little about our family, let's get down to the nitty gritty. THE "ISSUES"!

The Reality Is That Cat Problems occur everyday, No matter how much we love them.

For example, when we first got our maine-coon "boys", we were utterly beside ourselves, ONE OF THEM decided to use our huge Ficus plant as his personal litter box!!! We saw him use the real litter box but he liked the tree better and I wasn't always around to catch him in the act.

We tried everything we could think of!

We've read all kinds of "cat problems" information we could get our hands on. Every so often something would work and then it would start all over again. Oh, NOOOOO! This had to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

One day while I was on the internet I thought "there's got to be something else I could find online that could help?" Sure enough there was. But it wasn't until we applied the information we found in "CAT OBEDIENCE TRAINING SECRETS TO STOP YOUR CAT'S BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS" that our boy got the hint and stopped this disgusting habit. To bad we didn't find this information sooner, the ficus might have lived. Oh well. He's a good boy now, that's all that matters

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Cat Obedience Training Secrets

Totally Changed Our Aggressive Cat Behavior.

A while after we got our Prissy Little Girls, our Boys started to act aggressively toward them. One night we were awakened by a blood curdling screech. We couldn't get up fast enough. Of course when we turned on the lights everyone was sitting there with innocent faces.

Why couldn't they just get along? Was that too much to ask for! You would think these cats would remember where they came from and show a little gratitude. But Noooo!!!

I'm telling you if I hadn't found this web site and tried the easy to follow instructions, which by the way made me feel like a professional trainer, we would not be the happy family we are now. It was truly amazing that something so logical and simple could work so quickly. We had rewarding results, no more cat aggression in our house!

Our Cats Problems were displayed during "Nail Grooming" Time.

What a joke it was at our house when it was time to cut the cats nails. Simba, BooBoo, and Maggie handled nail cutting like troopers, but little "Lucy"!!! What a fiasco. My husband would hold her while she struggled and screamed her head off. You'd think we were going to kill her and I hadn't even touched her yet.

Even scruffing by the neck didn't seem to work, I would be just as terrified as she was! It was just an awful time until we were finished. I think it was a tie as to who was traumitized the most!!!

Yet reading "The Complete Cat Training Program" I came to understand the critical mistakes we were making. Today, she just loves to gets her nails cut. :-) NOT!!! Yet she sure behaves so much better.

I Owe it all to this E-Book on cat pet training, "The Complete Cat Training Program". The education we received from this course, now allows us all to act like rational human beings, again!

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How To Train A Cat Not To Scarch Furniture

This is a real pet peeve of mine and this was my solution, scream at the top of my lungs to make them stop. You can only imagine how frightened they all were. I was a monster mom at these moments and lost their trust which I'd worked so hard to get. How were we going to overcome these cat problems?!!!

Went to the local Pet Smart and they suggested Cat Scratching poles. Which we bought. Okay, they used the poles and still worked away on the furniture. Back to the Store for another suggestion. They gave me a bottle of this orange bitter spray to use on the furniture. Not a winner!

When you'd sit on the furniture, and rub or touch your face, YUCK!!!, orange bitters on your skin! Another mistake! It was only when we put into practice the advice given in "Cat Obedience Training Secrets To Stop Your Cat's Behavior Problems" that my furniture was saved and I don't go around the house like a raving maniac.

I Cannot THANK PAULA ROBB Enough for providing all these wonderful quick and easy solutions in cat pet training.
Her system has helped me in many situations I've encountered on a daily basis. The program is well worth the money. It will save your sanity and make training your cats a real pleasure.

Watch Your Cat's True Personality Come To Life

I know I'm going on and on, but, with our new found education on how to train a cat we have established a whole new relationship with each of our cats (children). This book has helped us, (as we applied each new technique) to have a peaceful household and a better understanding of how cats think and react.

Try it and see for yourself how it can help you too! As for our very Big Boys and our prissy little girls we have developed a whole new attachment to each other, that we enjoy so much.

If you are reading this, your obviously a CAT lover, who no doubt is desperate for help, like we were.

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1. Why is it that it is harder to train a cat than a dog?

2. Why is it that cats fight hen they are near each other?

3. How would you go about training a cat?

4. Would you go on the Internet before you got a cat?

5. Is hard to really train your cat?

6. Why is it that important to train your cat?


1. It is harder to train your cat because cats brain develops faster than dogs.

2. Cats are more territorial than dog.

3. Go on Internet or talk to friends and family.

4. You should because it has lots of sources to help you.

5. Not very hard but it may be for some people.

6. It is important to train your cat so it behaves and you don't have to take it to put it down if it bites or attacks some one.