Quist Weekly News

March 18, 2022

Dear ROYALS Families,

It was a pleasure to see so many of you for Spring Conferences and our Music Department Combined Showcase. We hope conferences provided you with the necessary insight and support. I hope that you were able to make connections, review academic progress, discuss areas of focus, and celebrate growth. If for any reason you were not able to attend conferences or need additional support, please reach out to the respective teacher and/or counselor.

Congratulations to our ROYALS CHOIR and BAND groups on their performances, ART Club participants on their display at the Adams County District Attorney's Office.

CMAS Testing

When we return from Spring Break, we will begin our State testing window. As indicated in our assessment schedule here, this year is back to the full battery of CMAS assessments: Math, English Language Arts in all grade levels, and Science in 8th grade.

These state tests are administered electronically and the students use their Chromebooks to take the exams. This means that it is imperative that students have their Chromebooks and chargers with them each day and that students charge their Chromebooks fully each night for the following day. Please help us give your student the best chance to show all they know by having Chromebooks ready to go.

I would like to ask that you please review the respective assessment schedule for your student. It is important to know that once a test has started we cannot stop/pause the test as this will result in a miss for that student. Attendance is a critical key to the success of our testing process. Where possible, please plan appointments with this schedule in mind.

Our goal is to support our students in their participation in these assessments and to make as little an impact on their school day as possible. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at tnorrisbuck@sd27j.net.

Parent Survey

This year we have faced many challenges due to many factors that are beyond our control. Regardless, our mission remains the same “Develop Hearts & Minds”. We are committed to this vision because we believe that EVERY single one of our ROYALS matters. We believe that they have what it takes to be the leaders of tomorrow and will continue to work diligently to help them get there.

I believe this pandemic has done a lot more damage to our students than I'd like to admit. Coming back, they have struggled to engage in the learning and to interact with each other in a safe and respectful manner. We are having to re-learn how to be kind to each other. We have had to re-learn how to be respectful of each other. And, more importantly, we have had to re-learn how to be learners. The journey has been challenging for our entire community.

As we continue to focus on the things that we can control and improve our practice, we need your help. Your input (your voice) is invaluable to us. We know that there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Our entire ROYALS staff will continue to be All-In, but in this process, we need you to help us. Please take a minute to fill out THIS survey. The results of this survey will be used to help us improve our current practices.

Thank you for completing the Spring 2022 Parent Survey by clicking HERE.

We are all looking forward to ending the school year strong and celebrating our success at the end. Each grade level is currently working on planning end-of-year celebration field trips. WEB is planning our Spring Dance.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!


Trina Norris-Buck, Ed.S.

Lead Learner/Principal


Open Enrollment

We are in the midst of the open enrollment period for our district. If you have an 8th grader and your student doesn’t automatically roll up to Riverdale Ridge High School, you should have already received a communication from us on December 3rd, 2021. If RRHS is your boundary school and you don’t want to attend, then you will need to enroll in your school of choice by completing the open enrollment process.