February 7, 2014

ACCESS Testing

ACCESS testing will take place the week of February 17-21. ESOL classes will be canceled for the week. Students will be pulled individually and in small groups for testing. We will be working hard to complete the testing in one week. Sandy is checking ELPPs and monitored forms and will let you know if any changes are needed. Thanks for taking care of these.

Number Talks Professional Learning


Please provide a copy of a "Number Talks" lesson (by grade level) so I can provide "evidence" in our targeted plan as follow-up for this training session.

Mid-term Progress Reports and Dr. Barlow Visit

Please provide progress reports to parents next Friday, February 14.

Also, Dr. Barlow scheduled a visit on the same day (yes, Valentines Day...) at 1:00 PM. Just a "heads-up" that you may have a visitor that day.

Opportunity Room

By the numbers:

January 8-31 (15 school days)

65 referrals


In order to maintain consistent communication between school and home, please contact the parent each time you call for an administrator to remove a student from your class (Level 1 Stop and Call). Sharissa and I will also make follow-up calls to explain the consequence. However, parents often have behavior-related questions we cannot answer about the incident that warranted the student's removal from your class. Thanks.

Faculty Meeting - Tuesday, Feb-11

Draft Agenda:

1. Civic Engagement

2. Inclement Weather/Make-up Days (rationale from Mr. Wilbanks)

3. School Governance Structure (state-level changes)

4. AKS/Common Core Initiatives (from Dr. Patterson, Assoc. Superintendent)

5. TAC Update

6. Transfer Process - begins February 18

7. Staffing Allotment

GCPS' e-newsletter

The link below will take you to the February edition of GCPS e-newsletter:

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