Animal Rights

Many animals are getting harmed and we need to help out.

Animal Rights Informational Essay

Many animals get abandoned, killed or injured everyday. If they’re abandoned, and get found, they could be sent to a shelter. Shelters could either harm/kill the animal or send the animal to other shelters until they get adopted. Activists are trying to help solve this intense animal problem.

Not all animal shelters do the right thing. The amount of animals being dropped off at shelters are so high it’s overwhelming. They get many animals from the streets and from storms/natural disasters. They can keep all the animals at once, so they give the animals away during a certain time period. Some of the times vary, some shelters only wait for an hour while others wait for months. This happens until the animal is finally adopted, which could take a while. Though, not all shelters are good. If an animal doesn't get adopted they could be sent to a kill shelter. Kill shelters harm and kill the animals there. “Millions of cats and dogs are dying in shelters” says an animal article.

Many people have helped animals, and there are other ways to help. One way to help out animals is by volunteering at animal shelters. You could clean, paint or scrub cages. Another way is to start fundraisers for them, use the money you earn for food or other needs for them. Kids can also help out by making posters. Somebody even set up a Facebook page to try and re-home dogs. As you can see there are many different ways to help out and it doesn't have to be big.

Activists are trying to help animals. Animals get injured and killed everyday and activists are trying to stop that. An activist is a person that continuously tries to help solve a big problem. In this case, they are trying to help the animals. They are working hard to help. Some of them even put off their own activities to help. They do things like host fundraisers, go to shelters to help out, speak out about the problem, make organizations and help educate their members about what's going on. It’s obvious people are working hard to solve this problem and save animals.

As you can see, animals are in danger, even in shelters. They get killed or abused everyday. Many of them need help, if you were in danger wouldn't you want to be helped? Doing this does not need to be big, it could be as simple as making a poster. Next time you see an abandoned animal or shelter try to think about helping out.

Animals are abandoned and injured everyday, and we need to help. Wouldn't you want to be helped?