Four Corner European

Hand Ball

This game is fun to play and easy to set up so have fun playing and get everyone up and on there feet. This game is not recommenced for anyone in a grade bellow 5.
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- 8 cones ( any color is fine )

- 1 doge ball

- 3 different color pinnies

Set Up...

Put 2 colored cones in each corner of the gym and make a net with them .


1. Separate the class into 4 even teams ( you can number the kids of 1-4 and have a number for each corner )

2. Once everyone is on a team make sure every team is wearing a different color pinnies an one team will not be wearing pinnies.

3. After everyone is in the right corner and with the right color pinnies the teacher has to go to every corner and give everyone a different number starting at 1 and so on but 1 person will not get a number and they will go in net.

4. Next the teacher will go to the middle of the gym and call out 2-3 numbers and then throw the ball and anyone from each team will go out and play European handball and you are able to score on any net.

5. Once someone scores on any net those numbers will go back to there team and the teacher will come out and call different numbers and you keep repeating this.

6. When a net has been scored on 2 times that net will be closed and you keep playing until there is one team left , but the teams without a net will keep playing and can score on any net.

7. When you play European handball you can't have the ball for more than 3 seconds and you can only take 3 steps with the ball. But you have to bounce the ball before you shoot at the net.


For more advanced players you can raise the number of times a net can get scored on before it closes because more advanced players will score quicker so the game would go by faster.


I hope that you enjoyed playing four corner european handball and collaborated with your classmates and I hope this is a game your class will continue you play this game for years to come.
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