ELC Newsletter

September 25th, 2015

Assessment Update

DRA 2 and STAR assessments have just about been completed throughout kindergarten. Please share a copy of your STAR results with me, so we can organize our STAR data meeting here at ELC, looking over the results as a team. The last of the early assessments is PALS. Your templates in the online data base are all uploaded, so you are able to go in and double check that your lists are correct. The window for PALS opens on October 12th for 4K and 5K students.

Facilities Committee

Thank you to Mary Schulz for representing ELC at the planning committee meeting this past week. We listened and heard from Mr. Bill Foster, who will be putting together the Community Survey as one of the next steps in the process.

Conscious Discipline Trainings

At ELC, we will offer the 5 week trainings in Conscious Discipline for parents and educators. The plan is to hold the trainings in the ELC cafeteria with parents from 4-6:30 on a series of Wednesdays after school, beginning in October, and ending before Thanksgiving. Their children will be in playgroups with some of our Early Childhood team members. Mrs. Polly Kaat will be hosting the trainings and activities. Look for more information to come, as well as a flyer.

Support for our new EL Students

After the third Friday count, we have many new students. About 35 of our new students come from Spanish speaking homes, and we obviously needed more support for the new students and their families that have moved here. We have posted an EL teacher position, a bilingual aide, and have just found a translator/interpreter.

Pending school board approval, the district will have a half time interpreter/translator that will assist in three ways. First, he assist with phone messages to/from Spanish speaking families about various school concerns; second he will come on site to interpret for both IEP meetings as well as parent teacher conferences, and finally, he will translate documents we have. We have processes being set in place and are anxious for this assistance.

Upcoming Events at ELC

October 1: Vision and Hearing Screening during the day

Divine Savior 4K Fieldtrip to the Little Farmer

Open House: 5-6:30 PM

October 8: Field trip to Mulberry Farm for 5K students

October 9: Homecoming Parade, then Homecoming Game

October 12: PALS window opens

October 23: No School: District In - Service

October 29: Halloween Party at FLC from 6-8 PM

My Out of Office Meetings

September 28: 7:15 PST at FLC, AM at FLC;

September 29: 9:00 Admin.

September 30: 8:30 BAMS BCT

October 1: 7:00 4K Staff meeting; 2:45 HMHS

October 2: 7:45 FLC Special education department meeting; 12:00 B-3 Network Meeting at St. Agnes Hospital