First Holy Communion

St Columba's Catholic Primary School | 2023

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We welcome children and their families to our program for the Sacrament of Eucharist:

  • Year 4 St Columba's students
  • External candidates undertaking their preparation at another school
  • Children participating in the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

St Columba's students will be prepared for the Sacrament of Eucharist as part of our Religious Education curriculum. Content covers:

  • People gather to celebrate
  • Jesus celebrates with others
  • The Eucharist began with the Last Supper
  • Holy Communion unites people with Jesus in a special way
  • The Liturgy of the Eucharist is the central part of the Mass
  • People live a Eucharistic life

We look forward to sharing this important faith journey with you.

Allen McMahon


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Who to contact

  • Year 4 Teachers - Miss Bechelli and Mrs Pilatti
  • Assistant Principal - Jesse Yock
  • Catechist Coordinator - Helen Sisto
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Sacramental Enrolment Mass

  • All children receiving the Sacraments must attend the Enrolment Mass with a parent.

  • Sacramental enrolment forms are handed into classroom teachers no later than one week before the Enrolment Mass.
  • PREP children and external candidates hand the Enrolment Mass forms into the Catechist Coordinator.

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Parent information evening

  • One parent from each family to attend.

  • Runs for approximately one hour.

  • At the Church.

First Holy Communion banners

  • St Columba‚Äôs candidates make banners at school.
  • PREP children and external candidates will be given a package to complete theirs at home.
  • Banners must be ready for the rehearsal.
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  • Facilitated by 24:7 Ministry.
  • Held in St Columba's Kalyara Mia (undercover area) within school hours from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • PREP children and external candidates to be dropped off and picked up at St Columba's front office.
  • Children wear sports uniform, including hat.
  • Bring morning tea, lunch and drink bottle.

Reconciliation before the rehearsal

  • All school candidates have Reconciliation at school before the rehearsal day.

  • PREP children and external candidates will need to go to Reconciliation with their families.

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  • Student rehearsal begins 9 am at the church.
  • Runs for approximately one hour.
  • PREP children and external candidates to attend.
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Appropriate dress

  • Reflects the importance of the ceremony and should not take away from its meaning.

  • Smart trousers and a collared shirt for boys.

  • Traditionally, girls wear a white dress.

Before the Mass

  • Candidates meet at the Parish Centre no later than 15 minutes before the starting time.
  • Families proceed to the Church while candidates wait at the Parish Centre, ready for the commencement of Mass.

Photos and video

  • A professional photographer takes photos before, during and after Mass and will include individual, family and a group photo. Photography begins in the gardens 45 minutes before Mass. These photos are made available to purchase at a date to be advised.

  • All other photos and videos are prohibited during Mass, as this takes away from the significance of the ceremony.
  • Families are welcome to take their own photos before and afterwards.


  • Each family is allocated a pew with your family name on it. Please be seated before Mass begins.
  • Children enter in procession at the commencement of Mass.

Receiving Communion

  • Children receive Holy Communion with their families, followed by the congregation.

  • Walk up reverently with hands together.

  • Bow as a sign of reverence.
  • Place hands left over right.
  • Respond to 'The Body of Christ' with 'Amen'.
  • Place the host into your mouth.
  • Avoid chewing with an open mouth.
  • Walk off reverently.
  • Kneel at your seat and say a thank you prayer.
  • Those not receiving Holy Communion are welcome to receive a blessing.


  • Please be mindful that there are two collections during Mass; please bring small change if you wish to donate.


  • Certificates are presented to candidates at the end of Mass.

  • These certificates are valuable documents. Please keep them in a safe place as the school cannot re-print copies.

After the Mass

  • At the end of Mass students proceed out of the church via the side door and meet at the Parish Centre.
  • Candidates must return the red sash used during the ceremony to the Parish Centre.
  • Cupcakes are provided to children at the Parish Centre. PREP children and external candidates to advise the Catechist Coordinator of any allergies or medical considerations.
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