By Sabryn Gordon

Mr. Dempsey

Mr. Dempsey is the AP and he demonstrates courage everyday by leading by example no matter how many times he gets put down. Even though he's isn't the most popular person ever he doesn't let that bring him down. Even when he makes a descion that makes a lot of people mad he stands by his choice and doesn't back down. That takes a lot of courage

Barack Obama

Obama portrays an immense amount of courage throughout her terms served as president. He does what he thinks will benefit our country for the best. Even though not everyone may agree with him it is impossible to please everyone in an entire country and he is doing what he thinks is right.


Gandhi demonstartes a huge amount of courage. He was able to stand up to the people of higher power and call out what he thought was wrong and immoral and lead a peaceful protest. Even after they were out to arrest him he remained peaceful and courageous during his protests.