The moon Pandora


Pandora is a potato-shaped moon, is coated in a icy material. Even the craters on Pandora are coated in debris a stark contrast to the crispy-defying craters of other moons, such as Hyperion. Curious grooves and ridges also appear to cross the surface of the small moon.

The moon Pandora belongs to the planet Saturn.

How Pandora its name Pandora

Moons of Saturn were originally named for Greco Roman Titans and descendants of the Titans. But as many new moons were discovered scientists began selecting names from more mythologies, including Gallic, Inuit and Norse stories.

In mythology, Pandora was a work of art who was transformed into a human by the gods. Her curiosity was said to have loosed all manner of ills upon the world when she let evil creatures out of a locked box.
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