Welcome to Canada

It's the place everyone want's to be!


If you are going to Canada you have to know some stuff:

the first people to get and claim land on Canada were the British and so the french wanted this land also because they also got to Canada around the same time. the french and the British had at east 2 wars over Canada, but finally the french bought Canada from the British and that is why Canada's language is french and English.


The Cutler for Canada is pretty important:

The culture of Canada was mixed from the binning. the different Hariteg groups in Canada are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and much more!


The activity's in Canada are sure to keep you busy!

The actives in Canada are sure to keep you busy from hiking in the mountains to seeing the epic museums theirs plenty to do! Also Canada including my favorite winter ludo,but there are still many festivals left.

land marks

The land marks in Canada are amazing because amazing art pieces linger along the streets because fame-is artiest have made their mark!


The food in Canada is a mix of many different quzeenz and styles of cooing witch comes from all over the worled
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