Chocolate cake for breakfast?

Research says it's good for both your brain & your waistline

By: Monica Maas

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The article, “Chocolate cake for breakfast? Research says it’s good for both your brain and your waistline” was written by Jaime Bender on February 23, 2016. The article was posted on The article discussed the positive effects of chocolate, stating that chocolate helps with cognitive functions. She wrote about the nutrient found in chocolate, flavonoid, and how it is also found in plant-based foods. It also focused on the importance of eating a high-calorie breakfast, because when we wake up in the morning our brain needs energy right away. The article suggested eating around a 600-calorie breakfast that includes a dessert. This article stated there are many studies going on at different universities, trying to prove chocolate has positive effects. However, the article never stated that any studies have actually proven the positive effects.


The author of this article, Jamie Bender, is an author for She is not a nutrition specialist in anyway. She writes mostly recipes to make food more fun, and about different activities to do. The website is a website that different authors post articles on a variety of different topics. These topics include the kitchen, lifestyle, arts, etc. Nevertheless, these articles are not always accurate, including this one. The author was right, that when we wake up we need food right away to get our brains working for the day. Our bodies are low in sugar because we have went all night without eating. Although the author is right about the importance of eating a high-calorie breakfast, a chocolate cake may not be the best decision. The article title is misleading, and makes people believe they can add on extra calories when they really should not. The amount of calories we eat in a day varies from person to person, because of how our metabolism works and how active we are. Therefore, eating a 600 calorie breakfast is not healthy for everyone. Chocolate cake includes a large amount of sugar and sodium, which is not something we should eat high amounts of every day. The author uses many different universities as examples of places doing studies on chocolate, however, none of these universities have come to a conclusion that proves chocolate has positive effects. The tittle of this article catches people’s attentions and draws them to read the article. The article was well written and did state a lot of true facts. However, it neglected to state the negative effects of eating too much chocolate or how to limit yourself throughout the day.