4th Grade News

Week of September 28th


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Reading (Goldman) : Vocabulary

Writing (Treat) : FANBOYS comma practice

Science (Moore) : A Man Called Snowflake

Math (Eubank) :


We are continuing Hatchet. We have been working on noticing when authors use flashbacks or memories within their text and why they might be important. We call these Memory Moments (see below). We will begin to discuss and notice when our character realizes something and we call these Aha Moments. We have practiced noting these together and responding in our readers journal. Next week, we will start practicing doing this in our personal choice books. Please remind your student to have their personal choice books with them. We will do projects with them approximately every 2-3 weeks.

We will have a STARR style assessment on Tuesday. It has 21 multiple choice questions. The purpose is to determine if students understand and can implement the strategies we have been working on in class. I know some students get anxious about tests, so we will discuss on Monday the purpose of this style of test. I encourage them all to do their best and "show what they know", while emphasizing that everyone's best does not look the same. We are trying to grow each student individually.

Notice and Note - Memory Moments
Notice and Note - Aha Moments


We will start the week off having students use CANVAS to both review and discuss common and proper nouns. Students will begin their second narrative and enhance their adjective using abilities.

Have a good week!

Mrs. Treat and Miss Chapman


This week we will dive into addition and subtraction of whole numbers. We will discuss how to estimate when adding numbers together, and how to add and subtract larger numbers using the standard algorithm. We will also begin practicing our multliplication and division facts. We will begin with 2's, 5's, and 10's. I've updated our grade level Canvas page with a few flashcard resources. If you know of any good sites, please let me know and I'll add them to the site.

Have a great week!

Katie Eubank


This week will be focusing on mixtures. Students will compare and contrast a variety of mixtures. We will start by discussing ice cream flavors and create our own flavor. With their creations they will compare and contrast using a Venn diagram. Later in the week, they will create some mixtures using cereal, raisins, goldfish and pretzels.

Have a wonderful week.

Pam Moore

Social Studies

Students will be put into groups to research the following Native American Tribes: Lipan Apache, Karankawa, Caddo, Jumano and Comanche. Students will be identifying their tribes region, food, weapons, shelter and clothing.
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Things to Know

Tuesday 9/29 - Boosterthon Pep Rally

Friday 10/2 - early dismissal (conferences)