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September 1-30

Theme of the Month: Back to School

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We are now open Monday - Friday

7:30AM - 5:30PM

Introducing the "Wiggleflies"

With the combination of the Wiggleworms and the Butterflies we have invented a new word. That class will now be known as the Wiggleflies. It will be abbreviated as WF. That entire building is known as the Little Daycare (LDC) dating back to the very beginning when we only had 2 buildings.

Labor Day

We will be closed September 5 for Labor Day!


We are sad to say goodbye to some of our staff.

Carra Weber 8/11

Tia Evenson 8/25

Amber Miller 9/6

Katie Koteskey 9/8

Alaina Jorgenson 9/9

Meet Our Staff

Roly Poly Teachers

Ms. Suzanne

Miss Michelle

Mrs. Henry

Miss Connie

Miss Grace

Wiggleflies Teachers

Mrs. Henry

Miss Ream

Miss Diana

Mr. Holladay

Beehive Teachers

Miss Jessica

Mrs. Christensen

Miss Diana

Mr. Chase

Youth Center Teachers

Mrs. Arlint

Miss Jeannette


Miss Katie

Support Staff

Mr. Holladay--Director

Mrs. Arlint--Office Assistant

Miss Ream--Program Supervisor

Miss Shannon--Cook

Music Class at Trinity

Once again, Mr. Rehbein, will be providing a class for our program twice a week. Starting September 6, we will be meeting with him on Tuesdays and Fridays as follows:

Busy Bee Class: 10:10 - 10:30am

Wigglefly Class: 11:30 - 11:50am

Gym Times

We will be able to use the school gym each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 10:30-11:30.

Church News

Here are some events that will be starting on September 11

Sunday School:

Sunday School will be starting at 9:30 AM on September 11. The Sunday School Staff has asked that all parents remain on site while the children are in Sunday School.

Worship Times:

8:00 Traditional Service

9:30 Sunday School and Bible Study

10:45 Contemporary Service

Backpack Blessings:

Pastor Brian Lee will be saying a prayer of blessing over the backpacks of all children. He will also pray for all teachers of school and childcare.

Immunization Update

When your child receives new immunizations, please bring those records in to the office. We must keep immunizations up to date on all children. Our records are checked yearly to make sure all children are current. Thank you for your help in this matter.

COVID 19 Policy Reminders

Effective June 1st, 2020

  • Staff will looking for overall signs of wellness.
  • Any persons with a fever of 100 or higher will be required to be fever free without fever reducing medication for 72 hours after the fever breaks per the recommendation of the Health Department.
  • Any persons who are experiencing any respiratory symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath should NOT be at the facility until the symptoms have resolved, the person has a negative result from a covid-19 test or proof that their primary care provider clears them to return. If there is any question if the person has COVID-19, they need to contact their primary care provider before returning to the facility.
  • Each child must wash their hands upon arrival

Singing at Immanuel Lutheran Home/The Retreat

This will continue to be put on hold due to COVID restrictions and a lack of a bus driver.

Chapel with the School

Once a month we join the school for their Wednesday Chapel. This is always on the week that the specific grades lead the chapel time. School Chapel starts at 8:20 so we need to leave by 8:15. For this reason we serve breakfast after chapel is over at about 9:00.

Roly Poly & Wigglefly Classes

Bible Stories

August 29-September 2

RP: Creation, Genesis 1-2

WF: God made the World and Plants, Genesis 1:1 – 31

September 5-9

RP: Creation, Genesis 1-2

WF: God made Animals and People, Genesis 1: 24-31; 2:7 – 3:15

September 12-16

RP: Creation, Genesis 1-2

WF: God Calls Abraham, Genesis 12:1 – 5

September 19-23

RP: The Great Flood, Genesis 6:11-8:22

WF: Abraham is Blessed, Genesis 1:14 – 19; 15: 1 – 6

September 26-30

RP: The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1-9

WF: Jacob and Rachel have a baby, Genesis 30: 22-24

Field Trips and Activities

9/5: Closed for Labor Day

9/9: National Teddy Bear Day

Your child may bring a teddy bear to spend the day at the childcare.

9/15: Make a Hat Day

9/19: Chapel with Pastor Brian 10:00

9/28: Chapel with School-8th grade

We will serve breakfast at 9:00

Happy Birthday

9/4 Miss Katie

9/18 Miss Amber

Busy Bee's

Concept of the Month: Colors

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Bible Story

August 29-September 2

God made the World and Plants, Genesis 1: 1 – 19

Letter of the Week: Aa

September 5-9

God made Animals and People, Genesis 1:20 – 2:31

Letter of the Week: Dd

September 12-16

The Fall into Sin, Genesis 3; John 3:16

Letter of the Week: Oo

September 19-23

Joseph and his brothers, Genesis 37 – 45

Letter of the Week: Gg

September 26-30

Moses leads God’s People, Exodus 14; 16 – 17

Letter of the Week: Cc

Field Trips and Activities

8/31: Trinity PreK Red and Green First Day

9/1: Trinity PreK Blue First Day

9/5: Closed for Labor Day

9/9: National Teddy Bear Day

Your child may bring a teddy bear to spend the day at the childcare.

9/15: Make a Hat Day

9/19: Chapel with Pastor Brian 10:00

9/28: Chapel with School-8th grade

We will serve breakfast at 9:00

Happy Birthday

No Birthdays this month

Youth Center After School Program

Field Trips and Activities

8/31: First Day of Trinity and Dist #5

9/5: Labor Day No School Childcare Closed

9/14: Dist #5 Early Out 1:25

9/19: Chapel with Pastor Brian 4:30

9/21: Dist #5 Early Out 1:25

9/28: Dist #5 Early Out 1:25

Early Out Days

The Youth Center will be open for early out days. Trinity students will need to bring a sack lunch for their 11:30 dismissal.

Happy Birthday

9/14 Greyson

9/18 Ariana

9/27 Jocelyn


Roly Poly Class: Under 2 years

Wigglefly Class: 2-4 years

BeeHive Class: 4-6 years

Youth Center: 6-12 years

About Us

Fax: 407-7049

Classroom Phone Numbers:

Office 756-8754

Roly Poly's: 407-2273

Wiggleflies: 407-3332

Busy Bees: 270-4463

Youth Center: 260-2004

Hours of Operation: