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I Hate to Write: Rescuing Reluctant Writers

Helping Kids with ASD Become Happy, Successful Writers

Most students with autism hate to write. Even simple writing assignments require skills in language, organization, sensory, and visual motor areas. Autism consultants Kathy Oehler and Cheryl Boucher will help educators look at the writing process through the eyes of a student with autism. By focusing on the four aspects of writing that are most problematic for students with ASD - language, organization, sensory, and visual motor skills - educators will learn new ways to help students with ASD become happy, successful writers.

Is This Session Right For Me?

This professional learning opportunity should be helpful to you if you are supporting writing for students- with or without IEPs- who struggle to write at the elementary or middle school levels.

I Hate to Write! Rescuing Reluctant Writers

Monday, March 21st 2016 at 8am-3:30pm

1425 West Grand River Avenue

Howell, MI

Writing is a high stakes skill, affecting both behavior and academic achievement. This session, presented by a Speech / Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist, will address the unique difficulties individuals with ASD and related disorders face when they are asked to write. Using an interactive format, the presenters will explore the organization, sensory, motor, and language challenges students experience during the writing process. The presenters will share frustrations frequently expressed by teachers as they try to help students meet the National Common Core Academic Standards for Writing: “He has good ideas but he just refuses to write!”, “He can’t seem to stay on topic”, “He shuts down every time he picks up a pencil”. Combining best practice strategies of an SLP and an OT, the presenters will offer specific, easy to use strategies to help teachers address writing challenges in the classroom. The afternoon session will focus on the use of computer based and IPad technology to facilitate writing skills in the classroom.

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