The news following the nation's worst tragedy

9/11 Video Timeline: How The Day Unfolded

The story of it all

On September 11th, 2001, militant extremist Al-Queda hijacked 4 commercial planes. Two of them were crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York, one crashed into the Pentagon outside of D.C. and the last crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The last plane was believed to be heading for the White House, but it's said that the passengers aboard retalliated against the terrorist and crashed the plane. Over 3,000 people were lost in this tragedy, including hundred's of officers and firefighters. This fueled the wars that started in Iraq and Afganistan.

Media Portrayal

Of course, a tragedy like this, newspapers are all over and covered the story right away. And as soon as Osama Bin Laden laid claim to the events of 9/11/01, the media had their full story. But, many people claim that Osama could have never have orchestrated such an attack. Several conspiracy theorist claim that the Bush administration was responsible for the attacks. Most people hold true to the claim that, jet fuel can't melt steal. It is supposed that the real cause of the attack was explosives placed on the planes and within key points within the structure. Other theorist believe that a commercial planes fiber glass body would not have been able to pierce through the building like the ones that crashed into the Twin Towers did that day. There many other theories that thought to have been the real reason behind the collapse of the buildings and most point back towards the Bush administration.


During the events of 9/11 many biases can be seen, mainly being the people who take stories told by eyewitnesses and survivors, then proceed to take these first hand accounts and use only specific details to get their point across


The biggest and maybe only criticism within this story would have to be historical criticism. Mainly because this event has been referred to as, the worst attack on american soil since Pearl Harbor. Also this war was one of many throughout history, caused by religion.


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