Good News

Widefield School District 3 ~ May 6, 2016

Watson Student Wins $100

Maryanah Gayle, 7th grader from Watson Jr. High school, received a $100 check and certificate from Global Compassion. Maryanha is an AVID student who volunteers her time with the organization.
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Red Cross Club at Widefield High School

The Red Cross Club at WHS is promoting disaster preparedness. The club put together a large display about how people can get ready and respond to the threat of wildfires in our area.

They also held a bake sale and collected $240 for the Red Cross Measles and Rubella Initiative. Great to see young faces giving back to their community and helping us all be better prepared and more resilient. Red Cross volunteer Jocelyn Schneider is the Southeast Colorado Youth Club Lead and coordinates activities. Cathryn Ford is the faculty sponsor for the Widefield High School Red Cross Club.

UMB Art Show

Two WHS Students Receive $3,500 Film Fellowship

The Youth Documentary Academy (YDA) has selected two Widefield High School students to attend a seven week fellowship over the summer to learn film making from experts in the industry. The recipients are Jose Retana and Elizabeth "Dee" Contreras. Congratulations to these students and their teacher Edis Knoop for establishing a solid name for Widefield students among film makers in the area.
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Janitell TED Talks

Shauna Hershberger's advanced language arts class has been working on a project called 20% Time (based on Google's model). They have had 20% of their class time to research an area about which they feel passionate and then decide how to use that passion to impact the school, the community, or the world at large. Students have held a "Don't Be Greedy, Help the Needy" campaign to collect donation for TESSA and the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region here in Colorado Springs. Another is running a campaign called "3-2-1 No Hate," a school-wide initiative to end hatred and make everyone feel welcome. Some have created PSA videos, others wrote and directed short films and the list goes on!

Thank You Grandfriends!!

We are so lucky to have wonderful volunteers in our district. Our Grandfriends help staff and students throughout the year doing the little-BIG things that make a positive impact in Widefield. If you know someone who would like to be a Grandfriend and volunteer, please contact Angelica Hunke at 391-3007.
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