All About Me!!

By Michelle Lynch

My Family and I...

I am mum to 7 children: Matt (22), Ashley (20), Bayley (17), Jess (14), Lily (12), Molly (5) and Sam (4)

Happily Married...

I am happily married to Tim who is an engineer...

Our Home...

We live on 550 acres on the Shoalhaven River...

Previous Work

-Dental Nurse

-Member Services-Credit Union


-One very busy mum!!

My Interests...

-Camping and Kayaking

-Reading, crafts and playing guitar

-My new hobby is just beginning-raising pure bred chickens and ducks!!!

Academic HIGH to date...

After completing my Honours thesis in 2010 on the contributions and experience of women in Nowra during WW1, my history Professor requested to use some of my research for one of his subjects- Australians and the Great War. A truly great honour!


2 weeks- Bomaderry Public School

Year 2-6 IM Support Class

5 weeks- Terara Public School

Kinder/ Year 1

April 2014- North Nowra Public School

Year 2/3

Looking Forward to...

My AT was previously a literacy and numeracy consultant for the DET and he is looking forward to sharing his expertise with me.

My AT is new to the school and this area. He is very interested in learning new ideas that I have encountered in my studies at CSU.

My Next Challenge

At our recent meeting, my AT commented that his class is too compliant. He wants to encourage student risk-taking, exploration and questioning. This made me feel welcome and valued.