Physical Therapist

Nicole Allen

Job Description

Physical therapists help people with physical injuries or illnesses of to regain range of movement and control their pain. Physical therapists, or PTs, help people who have lost motor function due to accidents, illness or age. They help determine the root causes of the trauma, counsel patients, and work with them to create a plan for rehabilitation.

Physical therapists typically create plans that involve stretching, strength training, exercises and physical manipulation to help people recover. They are experts at what the body can do, and will educate patients and families about what is possible, and keep patients motivated during ongoing therapy. PTs will track progress and report to patients and their families.


You must have a Doctor pf Physical Therapy degree. The Master of Physical Therapy and Master of Science in Physical Therapy are no longer offered to new students in the United States.


The top 3 schools for physical therapy are: The University of Southern California, The University of Delaware and The University of Pittsburgh.


The average annual salary for physical therapists is $80,236.

Expected Outcome

We will always need physical therapists because in today's world there are so many things that can cause accidents. For example, cell phones cause more car crashes and because of that we need more physical therapists to help those effected in the crash.