Rhode Island in the 1700's

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Why did people come to Rhode Island?

Many people that came to Rhode Island wanted religious freedom. Also because it was the only colony that allowed Jewish people

Who found the colony of Rhode Island?

The original person who founded Rhode Island was Rodger Williams in 1636. He left Massachusetts to find freedom of worship. The island only became part of a colony from a charter in 1663.

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Geography of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is 1,214 square miles. It is bordered on the on the north and east of Massachusetts, and on the west near Connecticut, also on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Rhode Island is 48 miles long and 37 wide, its the smallest of the 13 colonies.

Economics of Rhode Island

The Blackstone River Valley helped the American Industrial Revolution. Other industries in Rhode Island included tool-making, costume jewelry and silverware. Today, Rhode Island is based on healthcare, education and still continue sometimes to manufacture.

Government in Rhode Island

Rhode Island received a charter in 1644 from their king to govern themselves. In the 1700's Rhode Islands government was legislative. Rhode Island was the first colony to declare independence from Great Britian.

Religion of Rhode Island

Rhode Island didn't have a established church, people of all faiths could worship as they saw fit. People couldn't be harmed just because their religion is different from others. A lot of the population in Rhode Island was Catholic.