Importance of Multiplying Decimals

It's in the real world

Importance Of Multiplying Decimals

Why is it important to multiply and divide decimals? In the real world you'd need to multiply and divide money with decimals. I'll tell you how to multiply and divide decimals. First, you multiply the way you normally would and you don't line up the decimals. You're almost done, but you need to count how many numbers are behind the decimal on the factors and move the the decimal over that many time on the product. Now let's focus on dividing decimals. Tip: you line up decimals in all math operations except multiplication! For dividing decimals you divide like you normally would. It's so very easy!

Everyday Decimal Experiences

Money is an example of multiplying decimals because if you bought 3 nerf guns for $1.40 each how much do they cost? You wouldn't want to add money. Multiplying is quicker.

Why It's Important To Multiply And Divide Decimals?

We sometimes use multiplying or dividing decimals for money. If you have $15 and a friend 2 times as much money in decimals and the friend wants half of the money they gave you that you need to know how to multiply or divide by decimals.