Dollhouse Murders !

Betty Ren Wright

READ the book "The Dollhouse Murders"

READ the book "The Dollhouse Murders" if you like mysteries and scary things!!!!!!!

This book is a book that people can not put down until they are done with it that is how good it is....


Amy, Ellen, Lunana, Aunt Claire, Amy's Dad, Amy's Mom.
Amy had a wonderful family.But she had a sister that anoyed her. So Amy and her mom got in a argument. So Amy took off to her Aunt Claire's house. She loved her aunt Claire so much. One day she found a dollhouse in the attic. When she got up the dolls were moved. Could the dolls move them selves? Or did somebody? ?????????????????

Who killed the grand-parents

In the novel Aunt Claire said that her x-boyfriend killed her parents because they did not like him and they would not give him permision to date Aunt Claire.