why execute our king

why not just exile him or keep him ruling

Most people ask "why not just exile him forever?" or say "I like the king we should keep him" but those people don't know the truth.

What Does The Parliament Think

"We have been trying to make deals with Charles for so much time but he just never cooperates." This is true the parliament proposed many different options in which they just wanted some of their conditions to be listened to. "But are these conditions fair?" is what many people ask themselves. yes they are. The Parliament is just asking for a bit of the kings power to be shared between them.

kings execution

Saturday, Jan. 30th 1649 at 11:30-11:45am

Royal Palace, London, United Kingdom

Why Not Just Exile Him

if we exiled him it might be disastrous for our country because he might get other rulers from France or Spain to come to England and get his throne back. Also there are lots of Royalists, like you might be, that might want to keep the king on the throne and as long as the king is alive these people might fight back, rebel and try anything possible to get the king on the throne of England again.