Trees, trees, trees!

PK 4.2 Newsletter November 15, 2013

PK 4.2 speaks for the Trees!

We just love our Tree study unit!! We cant get enough! We have learnt so much, and have had so much fun. The children are doing great and are really interested in knowing so much more about trees. We even wrote two songs about trees. That is how much we are loving it! This week we focused on how to be a good friend to trees, just like they are good friends to us and animals. We will continue talking about trees, it is just amazing how their interest has sparked so many new group discussions in class.

Have a great weekend!

Teaching with love & dedication,


Our Tree Walk!

Books of the Week!

Small Groups!

We did many activities during small group! Number bingo was so much fun. We also played a counting game using dice! Children got to roll two dice, and had to add and put the amount of pebbles in a bowl. We used the dot dice, and for it to be even more challenging for those who love challenges we gave them number dice. We also decorated our tree song for this week using q-tips. It was such a fun activity! We also created beautiful designs using leaves that we collected during out tree walk!! It sure was a busy week!

Songs of the Week!

Tree songs made by PK 4.2!

We wrote and made two wonderful songs about trees!

1. Trees by PK 4.2

I love trees. PK loves them too.
It gives us oxygen and fruits.
When its hot and sunny it gives us lots of shade.
Lets all sit under the tree.


2. PK 4 loves the earth
Please stop cutting down the trees.
We will plant some new trees and take care of them
Our planet earth will be so happy!

What Plants Need (Tune: this old man)

Dig the dirt,

plant the seeds.

Water them well
and pull the weeds.

Add some sunshine
and a good rainfall.
Watch your plants grow strong and tall!

The tall, tall tree (tune:itsy bitsy spider)

The tall, tall tree

reaches up into the sky.

the branches keep on growing

Oh so very high!
The leaves will change their colors

as it turns to tall.

And soon the tall, tall tree
Will have no leaves at all!

Felicidades Panama!

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