MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of October 5, 2015


"Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours."

Dave Willis

Important Dates

October 5-9 Week of Respect

October 9 - In-service Day

October 12 - No School - Columbus Day

October 13 - TEAM Meeting

October 15 - 8th Grade Cope Trip

October 16 - TEAM Family Movie Night

October 20-24 Violence Awareness Week


Thank you for the decorative changes that have been occurring over the last week or so. Teachers and paraprofessionals than you for the updated bulletin boards. Mr. Lillya thank you for the mums around the flagpole. Mrs. Kerr thank you for the fall office decorations.

MTS has been adopted!

Haines Neck United Methodist Church has adopted the Mannington Township School.

The church wants to be of significance to the community.

One way they have chosen to do this is by showing their thanks for the work the school does in caring for and teaching the children.

The church plans to show their appreciation with acts of kindness and surprises throughout the year. They also are willing to help in other ways if you have certain requests.

I know everyone has been busy but please remember to add your acorn to the tree in the main hall. It doesn't have to be wordy.

Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Moore put together a handout for IEP and 504 modifications. Please make sure that this is easily accessible and provided with your lesson plans when needed for substitutes.

Violence Awareness Week October 20-24 - Please indicate in your lesson plans at least one lesson you are using that week to teach awareness of violence in society.

On Thursday, September 18th the Govenor signed S-165 Whelan / Ruiz

Authorizes a teacher leader endorsement to the instructional certificate.

Signed by the Governor P.L.2015, c.111

To be eligible for the teacher leader endorsement an applicant shall: Complete a program of study equivalent to, at a minimum, 12 graduate credits or 180 clock hours, or a combination thereof, with an approved provider of a program of study for the teacher leader endorsement; and Complete five years of full-time teaching under a valid provisional or standard certificate, or a combination thereof, issued by the State Board of Examiners.

Coffee club is $5 a month. This is cheaper than any place I know and most convenient.

Model Curriculum Assessment Timeline

Approximately September to October 23rd should be focused on Unit 1.

5 weeks of instruction, 2 weeks for assessment and enrichment

When reporting HIB please use the online HIB form that is available on the school website. If a parent contacts you to report a possible HIB please direct them to the online form. If they do not have internet access you can complete the form for them or ask them to come in and fill out a paper form. The online form greatly assists in gathering required and much needed information to conduct a thorough and careful investigation.

In-service on Friday is dedicated to SGOs and online training. Any additional time is for website updating, intervention and enrichment planning, MAP assessment reports and data analysis.