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October Meeting Recap and Updated Maps

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Last week the Boundary Committee met for the fourth time since May to develop new boundaries for the District's elementary, middle and high schools. At this latest meeting, the committee reviewed feedback collected during the month of September through three community forums and an online survey. The three community forums were attended by over 370 people and 2,055 individuals responded to the online survey. That feedback was used by MGT to make adjustments to the boundary maps, which were reviewed by administration prior to the committee meeting.

Changes brought to the committee included keeping developments that exit onto Highway Z south of Highway 70 at Timberland; keeping the current Liberty boundaries intact; moving Lakeview Elementary from Wentzville Middle to Frontier Middle (they would then go to Holt for high school, keeping them together for elementary, middle and high school); and some adjustments to the Green Tree, Crossroads, Prairie View, Duello, Boone Trail, Stone Creek and new elementary boundaries. The committee spent a significant amount of time discussing the maps during the meeting, which lasted over 3 1/2 hours. They made further adjustments to the elementary map, no changes to the middle school map (although a number of changes were suggested, no consensus was reached to achieve relieving overcapacity issues at Wentzville Middle); and a few adjustments were made to the high school map related to Timberland's western boundaries and the new high school boundaries.

Here are the updated maps, which reflect public comments and committee changes:

Please note: these scenarios are approximately 95% complete and will not be finalized until they are approved by the Board of Education.

DRAFT Elementary School Redistricting Scenario

DRAFT Middle School Redistricting Scenario

DRAFT High School Redistricting Scenario

The resulting feeder pattern of the proposed maps can be viewed below.

The Board of Education has a work session planned for tomorrow evening, Wednesday, November 6 (this is a schedule change - it was originally scheduled for November 7) beginning at 5:15pm to discuss the scenarios in their present state and any concerns or questions they may have. The committee is scheduled to meet one last time on November 19 at the Administrative Center beginning at 4:00pm to finalize the scenarios that will be recommended to the Board of Education for a vote in December.

The elementary boundaries, once finalized and approved by the Board, will go into effect for the 2020-2021 school year; the middle school and high school boundaries, once finalized and approved by the Board, will go into effect beginning in the 2021-2022 school year.

For more information, including the MGT presentations, the Demographic Study, Frequently Asked Questions, the Boundary Timeline, and the complete list of Boundary Committee members with contact information, visit the WSD website.

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*Schools in italics (Duello and the new elementary) split feed; Duello students all go to South Middle but split between Liberty and Timberland for high school and the new elementary school will split between South Middle and Wentzville Middle, but will all go to the new high school.

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