My Smore Flyer


Classes in high school and classes in college are more different than the same. In college you might have three classes, then you are done. In high school you are going to have classes all day every day no matter what. Also you may have classes in college on the weekend but you will never have classes in high school on the weekends. The skills that I will need to have to make it work is flexibility. If I am not flexible, then I will fail and not go far in life. (


Studying in high school will require anywhere from 0-2 hours of studying. In college you need to study anywhere from 0-3 hours for each hour you have. This amounts up to 6-45 hours of studying per week. To be able to handle this, I will have to be very diligent and have good study habits and note taking skills. (

High school teachers and college professors

Teachers in high school will ask you for your late or missing homework but in college, the professors won't ask you or let you know that you have a missing assignment. I will have to stay on top of the assignments and not get behind otherwise I will forget the assignment and it will bring down my grade. (


Grades may not be provided for all assigned work in college but in high school all assignments get graded. You cannot get extra credit in college but can in high school. The first tests will have a huge effect on your grade for the semester so I will need to be prepared for these tests. I will need to have good study habits for these big assignments and tests. (


Tests are frequent and cover small amounts of material in high school but in college they are few and far between and cover large amounts of material. The instructors won't remind you about incomplete or missing work.(

The work

In college, you have to read the material whereas in high school, reading the material is not as mandatory or crucial to your grade. There isn't as much time to get the work done in class or in Genral as there was in high school. (


There are a lot more choices in college than there is in high school. You can choose what you want to master in and then you choose the classes that will help you and that will make you better. There is a lot more freedom and free time so you have to make a choice whether to study or to party or other things.(


In college there aren't as many rules, the classes are more laid back and aren't as strict. This goes with freedom. Since the rules aren't as strict, you have a lot of freedom and choices to make. The rules give you the chance to be responsible or irresponsible. This has come up behind many students and they payed for it.(


As far as understanding the material, it is tough sometimes. The professors are not as available as high school teachers are. They also aren't as willing to help you as high school teachers are, most of the time. Including this factor, the best way to learn the material is to teach yourself and study it a bunch. Many or most of the students in college are forced to do this at some point.(


Overall the material the environment and the freedom are all big step ups from high school. You are free to make your own choices, wise or stupid. This is where you have to make the right decisions or it will come back and bite you right in the buttock.

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