Civil Rights Leaders

Compare, Contrast, and Rank

Compare And Contrast

These three civil rights leaders are alike and different at the same time. All of these leaders were going for one change and that was a change in segregation and racism. Mainly so that African Americans and whites were created equal. But their difference is in the way they want to achieve equality. Martin Luther King Jr believed in nonviolence revolution. To turn the other cheek to defend themselves. This is where Malcolm X believed differently. He believed in violence. He said "Any Negro who teaches other Negroes to turn the other cheek is disarming the Negro of his natural right to defend themselves ." Stokely Carmichael also believed in aggressiveness instead of using words to convince. Although they have a difference they also have a similarity. That similarity was that they were all good at talking to crowds and their speeches were powerful. Although Stokely Carmichael believed in being aggressive he also showed he can be symbolic. In a rally of 3,000 protesters he raised his arm with a clenched fist salute, he shouted his defiance. Also similar Martin Luther and Malcolm X used their voice the same. They both made powerful speeches and since they were such good speakers their speeches were very powerful.

Three Civil Rights leaders

The Most Powerful Activist.

I believe the most powerful activist was Martin Luther King Jr. I believe this because he made the most change with using his non violence tactic. He went on non violent marches and if they got to the point where violence would get involved he turned the other cheek. He made the point he wanted to make by being the bigger person in the situation. Another example is his speeches. Many of his speeches from the civil rights movement are still well known today. He was one of many powerful speakers during the movement. Even though they weren't doing anything violent they still made a major impact on the movement and thats why i believe he was the most powerful.