Valley Street Jail

Manchester, New Hampshire

By: Jamie Siegart

What are the purposes of correctional facilities such as Valley Street Jail?

The purposes of these facilities is to create an environment for those who have committed crimes to serve time in a restricted area and be punished for their actions. The goal is for the inmates to serve time for what they have done, and possibly be let back out into society as a better citizen.

What is life like for various inmates at Valley Street Jail?

  • Depending on the crime committed, various inmates are given different levels of freedom
  • When put into the jail, an inmate is classified into a group ranging from those who had committed minor crimes, to those who were sentenced to life
  • based on this classification, a different color jumpsuit is given to the inmate. Blue means they are allowed beyond the jail to work and have a job, grey means the inmate has one of many jobs throughout the jail, such as helping with lunch or cleaning. Both blue and grey jumpsuits are allowed to walk throughout the jail without an officer by their sides. Orange jumpsuits mean that the inmate has committed an extreme crime and must be escorted by an officer at all times.
  • all inmates are allowed a 15 minute lunch

What are some things that others may not know about facilities such as Valley Street Jail?

  • mostly all of an inmates freedom is taken away from them, and sympathy is rare from the officers who work there
  • no matter what medical condition you are in, or any drugs you are addicted to, if you committed a crime you are placed into a correctional facility and your medical needs are met there
  • inmates have access to accounts with money that their loved ones have put in for them in order to buy goods ranging from shampoo to chocolate, depending on your classification
  • cells typically contain two people, and inmates can not be cellmates with those who are family, or part of the same crime committed