News from Mrs. Schermerhorn

3rd Grade BSE


Next week, March 18-20, we will be taking IREAD.  Students will take this Language Arts test on the computers in the computer lab.  It is important that all students are present on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as the testing window is very tight.  We will not be able to give make-ups.  If your child can not be here on one of these days, they will have to retake the test during the summer.This week for homework, I will be sending home some practice materials for IREAD.  IREAD looks pretty different from ISTEP.  Students will be tested on matching sounds in words, finding antonyms and synonyms, and comprehension skills.  We will be reviewing these skills in class and talking about how the format looks different from ISTEP. 

Simple Machines Inquiry

The students did an awesome job on their first big inquiry project!  Students finished up their research last week and began making their representations.  Representations are a way to show yoru learning.  Students could choose how they would show what they learned.  They could choose to make a model, create a comic strip, or write a perform a commercial.  I was very impressed with the work they created! 

Publishing Party

Thank you for coming to our Publishing Party on Friday.  The students loved having their families in the classroom to share their writing with!

March 11-15

Math - Geometry Review

This is the last week in Quarter 3.  We will be reviewing geometry through creating a Geometry Town.  Students will use their math skills and map making skills to complete this project.  Next week, we will begin liquid volume and mass.


This week, we will be reviewing the genre of fairy tales and fractured fairy tales.  Students will create their own fairy tales and use Puppet Pals to animate thier stories.  We will be using the IPADS to help us with Puppet Pals.

First Day of IREAD

Monday, March 18th 2013 at 9am

12451 Brooks School Road

Fishers, IN

IREAD will be March 18-20