Link and Learn Friday

November 14, 2014


Kidblog - Finally a secure (free) blogging site for classrooms! Kidblog allows teachers to setup student accounts and administer the content. There are so many creative uses for a student blog, this list from scholastic names a few:

  • Online journal writing.
  • Reflective learning journals.
  • Publish students' writing for feedback.
  • Share and gather information on topics being studied.
  • Post summaries or responses to literature

With Kidblog, blogging is made easy, enter your name, email and class name, add student names and your page is ready to customize. Students can login whenever they have a few free minutes and free write for a project or assignment. A great way for your classroom to be connected to home too!

To read the full Scholastic article and the benefits of blogging, click here:

To sign up for Kidblog, click here:

For additional ideas on how to use Kidblog, see this pinterest page:

Think it sounds complicated and you're still not sure? the video below from a SECOND grade class, yes these students were updating their own blog...

2nd Grade- About Blogging


Kidblog - Yes there's an app for that! Once you've created your classroom blog, this app provides a portable, easy way for students to view their classroom blog, create new posts and write encouraging comments on their classmates work....and it's FREE

Just For Fun

Camel Camel Camel - While the name of this site is sorely lacking in creativity, the site provides a useful price checking service. With the holidays coming so quickly, it's nice to have your computer do some of the work for you, make lists of items you're planning to buy and let Camel notify you when the price drops. This is primarily a service related to but they do show price comparisons for other outlets. According to one review I found, this is essentially what the site does:

"I just go to CamelCamelCamel and enter the url of the item at Amazon I’m considering buying. A chart will come up for up to a year back, showing the highest price and the lowest price and the dates they were recorded. You’ll be able to set your price target at which you are willing to buy. You don’t commit to anything, they just notify you when the price target is met. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to buy it or not at Amazon. I’ve noticed that frequently the lowest price is offered for one day only, so grab the deal when you get the email to be sure to get it at that price. It’s a flukey algorithm."

An easy way to save time and money here: