Salmon's Week 28 Update

April 11th - 15th


Reading - We are reading story with weather themes. Our story this week is titled Eye of the torm. The nonfiction stories are focusing on Graphic Sources (text features) and cause/effect. Cause and effect is tricky because often 1 cause can lead to two effect. For Walk to Read we are reading novels. The students will work with partner to read and answer questions that target similar questions to what they will see on the SBAC at the year.

Writing: Our Poetry Unit has begun. This will take us several weeks to complete and the students really enjoy this writing. April is Poetry Month!!

Science - Weather is our focus over the next few weeks. We are learning about the different clouds and the technology that we use to predict the weather in our area. Please remind your child that climate is long term and weather is daily.

Social Studies - Our unit on the middle-west will be wrapping up and we will beginning the Mountain Region. Your children will teach me a thing or two I'm sure.

Upcoming Dates

April 16: Ridge View Carnival at the Events Center

April 18: PIR Day (no school for students)

April 20: Field Trip to the MOR depart 9:00am

April 22: Middle School Counselor Presentations to 4th Graders

April 23: PTC Dance 6:00-8:00PM (please see flyer)

April 25-May 6: SBAC Testing Window

May 4: Early Release

May 4: Bake Sale (1st/2nd suppling goodies)

May 11: 4th Grade to Farm Fair

May 19: Field Day

May 20: PTC Movie Night

May 30: Memorial Day (no school)

May 31: 4th Grade Bubble Ceremony 2:00

June 2: Early Release Last Day of School

SpRiNg CaRnIvAL - Note from the PTC

Spring is on its way! Are you ready?

The carnival is scheduled for Saturday, April 16th. Once again, it will be a joint effort between Ridge View and Saddle Peak elementary schools. We need your help in running the games. Please look at the sign up link and kindly volunteer your time to make this event run smoothly for our children.