Andrew Carnegie

Man Of The Year ~ November 25, 1835- August 11, 1919


Andrew Carnegie worked in the steel industry. Once he started his steel companies, steel eventually replaced everything.

Advantages & Disadvantages

He had many advantages and disadvantages.


  • He studied the method of steel and how it works.
  • He owned a company that produces steel rail roads and iron bridges
  • He was a very wealthy man.
  • He made every improvement that someone offered.
  • He kept the costs of steel low.
  • He had companies competing against his.

Companies and workers

Carnegie brought up more companies so he didn't have as much as a competition. Andrew ended up forming one massive company. He was never cruel to his other competitors. The people working in the factory got treated with respect. If one worker has an idea, Carnegie would test it out because he loves improvements. He felt that if his workers had good ideas and the products improved, that it may make things run more efficiently.

Carnegie Giving

Carnegie was so wealthy that he started giving money as a charity. Andrew believed in "The Gospel Of Wealth," to give money. Andrew absolutly loved to read so first he donated to the libraries. He also gave money to towns, cities, and education. He gave 125 million dollars to a foundation called The Carnegie Corporation to aid colleges and other schools. He gave 90% of all his money he ever had.

Captain of Industry

Andrew Carnegie is a captain of the industry because he gave money and accepted his workers thoughts. He was a nice person to many. He did favors for a lot of people and kept his prices low so people wouldn't have to worry about wasting money. He made lots of the steel in the world. He produced steel and was a big help to everyone in the world.